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27 episodes x 25 minutes

  • Second Chances

  • On his way home from the laundromat, Endo is hit by a truck and almost dies. He remains unconscious for 27 hours, but right before waking up, an agitated Death tells him to exorcise one ghost for each hour, and he has six months to do so or he dies. Endo looks for help from the ex-priest Father Macintosh, whom gives him a wooden katana and aid in freeing the spirit of a girl who died on the same intersection Endo was injured on.

  • Oh Fantasy Free Me

  • Macintosh sends Endo to Scotland after a rich man's butler calls for help. The man, Duke Conrad, is volatile to visitors, but it turns out that his deceased wife Lucilla has returned to help him with his true timid personality, thus by possessing him.

  • Hello City

  • A rich girl in Brooklyn calls for Endo's help after she finds her car is haunted. When Endo gets there, he finds the girl, Mikki, is pretending to be poor so she can help steal things with a girls' street gang. As Endo tries to study her car and Mikki gets more affectionate with him, the ghost reveals herself to be the gang's former leader...

  • In Your Dreams

  • Note: This is the episode based on my dream, which inspired the whole series!
    A young girl named Rosalyn keeps having dreams where she and a faceless man are being chased through her house by a man in a suit, always ending with the ghost murdering her. She keeps having these dreams, so her sister seeks out a priest or ghost hunter. While Endo, who looks just like the faceless man in her dream, helps guard Rosalyn, Macintosh looks up the house's property history to discover someone who was buried under the house...

  • Consumption

  • A small but wealthy city begins to notice massive thefts of expensive objects, like cars and lawn decor. A young teacher notices an enormous bubble floating through town at night, and a trail of ectoplasm in the road, so she calls for Endo. Working with the teacher and her class, he notices that the giant bubble has been selecting expensive objects, is a giant mass of ectoplasm, and the electrical embodiment of material lust and greed.

  • Shine A Little Love

  • Teen idol Britney Lakewood is becoming incredibly popular in town, and Roxanne asks Endo to take her younger sister and her friends to Britney's concert for him. At the same time, Britney, her manager and her bodyguard stay for the night in a concert hall, and agitated ghosts buried under the concert hall all gather together into a poltergeist that possesses Britney. The poltergeist remains dormant until her concert, where it mutates her and tries to steal the energy of her audience.

  • Under the Bridge

  • Downtown, there is a spot under the traffic bridge that causes a sharp abdominal pain in any woman that walks throught it alone. This gets the interest of Eva Dumay, a pananormal researcher who had a similar near-death experience like Endo's. Endo, flustered, invites her over and they decide to get rid of the bridge ghost, but the only way for him to get at it is to have Eva dress him like a woman.

  • Vacuums

  • The Akumachi

  • A little girl goes missing in rural Japan, and a ranger calls for Endo's help. As he explores the area, the locals refuse to believe he will be effective. Their faith is in a travelling ghost hunter named Hitomi Shimizu, who lives in small shacks an charges nothing for her exorcisms. She meets Endo soon enough, and she questions his requirement of fees. Hitomi tells him the ghost that took the little girl is called the Akumachi, a bear spirit that haunts a certain crossroad. The two finally manage to stake out the crossroad all night, forced to fight together.

  • Big Daddy

  • Lingerie company manager Laura Heinz thinks she's being haunted by her ex-lover and business partner, a charismatic mob leader named Slim Richie, whom was shot during a Chicago raid. At first she thinks he's trying to sabatoge her business, but Endo and Eva notice that Laura's infant daughter seems very familiar with the picture of Slim...

  • Call Me Yukiko

  • Endo gets word that a ghostly voice has haunted an anime convention for almost twenty years, always singing at 2:00 PM. The convention house's owner wants to sell the building and hires Endo to get rid of the ghost, and he gleefully arrives dressed as Black Jack. As well, Hitomi is present, and has been flown in by several english fans. Endo realizes the convention's older patrons love the ghost girl - formerly Rachel Thompson, an adult anime fan who dressed like a magical girl - and don't want her to go, but they discover that Rachel has come back every year with one demand...

  • Love Me, Love Me

  • Macintosh, Eva and Endo become interested in the bombed ruins of a Turkish bar, and the legend of an amorous female ghost who latches onto any man that enters. Macintosh finds that he has anough money stored up from their past exorcisms to take the group there. While Eva and Macintosh look for information from the locals, Endo finds the bar, and becomes targeted by the ghost Amora. She was a British fan dancer who was in killed a bombing with sixteen soldiers. Amora can multiply herself and refuses to let Macintosh or Endo go, and Eva has to make Endo snap out of the curse and attack Amora.

  • Your Friend Yui

  • Mingyao Rinmai, a local martial arts teacher, realizes his daughter Yui can see ghosts. He hires Endo to teach her ghost hunting, and Macintosh forces Endo to follow along. At first, Endo hates the duty, but realizes he and Yui both have cruel older sisters, and begins to respect her. Soon after, Macintosh gets a call that some sort of flying ghost is haunting an apartment building, and when Yui and Endo go to visit, she discovers it's a ghostly toucan.

  • Girl and the Ghost

  • Endo and Macintosh are called over to Germany, where two politicians have noticed their daughter Ada hanging around with a ghostly cat. Ada's mother worries the cat is either going to destroy her career or kill Ada, and begs Endo to get rid of it. In the meantime, the cat guards Ada as she travels throughout town, and even attacks aggressors. Later on, the cat possesses Macintosh, forcing him to see the cat's past life...

  • Gelato

  • After flying home from Germany, Endo and Macintosh's flight is forced to land in Atlanta and postponed for a day and a half. While Macintosh finds their hotel rooms, he suggests Endo go visit his sister Fumiko, but Endo is secretly terrified of her because of how she treated him as a child. When he goes to visit, he discovers she's more timid and depressed than she used to be. As the two talk, Endo's curiousity is picked by Fumiko's claim that she's seen a clear, gelatinous blob in the gas station she works at. Endo realizes this is an ectoplasmic creature that mimicks her emotions, and that it could become extremely violent if she gets angry enough.

  • Saving Monette

  • One of Macintosh's past exorcism clients, Monette Marcus, was possessed by a demon five years ago. Her children Rainelle and Keegan seek Macintosh and Endo's help after suspecting that the demon is back and planning to kill the whole family. The men gladly go to Harlem to help them, but Macintosh realizes the demon has been using Monette's body as a vehicle to get to him...

  • Missile Boy

  • Kindly old Officer David Wills hires Endo to come to a military base, where the ghost of a child haunts the area. The unknown boy may have lived on a nearby farm and snuck onto the grounds to get his toy, just before a bomb test. Wills feels bad for the boy and wants Endo to help free him, but he accidentally doesn't give Endo a permission pass, and Endo is arrested by the younger and more skeptical Captain Bradley Somers...

  • Bar None

  • Eva and Endo are called in by Quebecian club owner Emile D'Chaplet, whom has noted several mysterious spills and customer attacks. Emile thinks it could only be the work of his former bartender Simon, whom was fired for stealing and being crude to the customers. Emile hopes to preserve the club's inegrity, but one night, Simon begins to target Eva and all the women in the bar.

  • Yuko

  • Endo finishes his final exams, and decides to go visit his parents. He takes his charm doll Yuko with him again, but begins to notice how she seems to twitch when near other charm dolls in shops.
  • Mein Uhr

  • Yui's father buys her sister Xiao-Lan a Swiss clock, and Xiao-Lan bars Yui from going near it. Yui gets a horrible feeling about the clock, and one night, Yui and her siblings see the ghost of an elderly German man slide out of the clock. Endo looks up the clock brand to discover it was the last clock ever made by Alfred Gottlieb, a German clockmaker who fled to Switzerland during the war. He is seeking one of his clocks, a high-priced grnadfather clock, in which he left something very important to him...

  • Blood Brothers

  • An investigative officer, Howard Dune-Baker, learns his ex-wife Rachel Baker and her adult son Arbrook are planning to escape to France. Their deceased son, Cain, returns as a ghost to try and help them. Desparate to get the two in custody, Howard hires Endo to exorcise Cain and get him out of the way, but Endo's morals start clashing.

  • Four Little Diamonds

  • Yes Virginia, Lupus O'Hare is the Fairy Godfather.
    Enormous property damage has occured in the Eastern United States, and it looks like the work of a now-deceased female bounty hunter named Zuno. Endo, on the way home from the Baker Brothers incident, begins to follow the trail of destruction to a seemingly-empty warehouse. Inside lives the master thief Lupus O'Hare and his cohorts, whom almost shoot Endo, but hire him to get rid of Zuno. It turns out Zuno spent her career trying to turn in O'Hare, but he managed to steal her necklace and accidentally cause her motorcycle accident.

  • Outbreak

  • The Toronto zoo is noticing many of their employees and visitors are getting a strange grey, warty rash on their arms, with a grey mist flowing through the zoo sometimes. Endo, Yui and Roxanne go down to the zoo, and Yui claims to see a monkey floating around the zoo. They ask the zoo manager about the monkey, and it turns out his name was Sparks, a monkey who loved humans but was mistreated and died of a skin disease. As revenge on any cruel visitors or zoo staff, he inflicts their arms with a temporary skin problem similar to his own.

  • Oceania Baby

  • A cruise ship is planning to transport a vintage jet from Hawaii to a Australian museum, but the crew is afraid that the plane is cursed. Endo, Yui and Macintosh are brought on just in case, and while Endo watches the plane almost the whole evening, Macintosh tries to relax. Yui is afraid to enter an empty ballroom on the ship, and hoping to calm her down, Macintosh walks in with her. They discover a skeleton in a pilot's uniform standing on the roof, and Endo rushes up to fight it. The ghost is violent and full of energy, and only dies after knocking Endo overboard...

  • Kiribati

  • Endo washes up on the island of Kiribati, where German-Canadian researcher Mona Von Kleist and her students take him in. While Endo rests, Mona tries to wire the ship, but to limited success. Endo later tells the group that he is a ghost hunter, and Mona's students are overjoyed. They lead him to a murky cave, supposedly haunted by the Ran-Ran, a World War 2 soldier's ghost that is embodied with ectoplasm and water with stick claws. The children beg Endo to get rid of it, and Macintosh leads a return ship to the island.

  • Touching Down

  • After Endo is rescued and rests for days, he wakes up with a mild cold and the realization that it's Eva's birthday. He panics and tries to get her a gift, but is narrowly rescued by a teenage girl from drowsily walking into traffic. The girl, Senior-Cadet Olivia Frasier, wants his help in ridding her jet of the many ghosts who died in the planes that her jet was recycled from. If he can do it by the end of the day, she'll help him get a present for Eva.

  • Succubae

  • Endo starts having a series of dreams where a shapely woman tries to make love to him. He gets bothered by this and asks Macintosh and Eva about it, and they tell him it's a succubus that may be trying to steal his energy until he dies. Endo is furious and tries to confront the succubus, who reveals herself to be friendly and very coversational. She desparately wants Endo's affection, but he turns her down. She remains dormant for a few days, but becomes aggressive and violent. When she finally tries to kill him, Endo winds up fighting her on the roof of the community centre.

    All images and artwork are 2009-2010 Jenna Crawford, and may not be used without permission.