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A young Asian-American college student named Endo Hiramatsu survives being hit by a truck, and recovers from a coma in exactly twenty-seven hours. However, Death meets him in a dream, embodied as a small girl whom informs him that Endo was saved by spirits who died in the same area, and now he must pay Death back by exorcising one ghost for each hour he was comatose. He has six months to do this or he dies. From there, Endo works with a former priest, a Japanese ghost hunter, a paranormal expert and a talented young psychic.


In November 2009, I had a strange dream where I was watching an english-dubbed anime on Teletoon, where a young, blonde man in a purple suit helped a teenage girl get rid of a volatile ghost in her grandmother's house. As well, the number 27 was all I could think about in the morning...I found the concept was fascinating, and worked throughout December on designing characters. As a result, The 27 Ghosts of Endo (alternately Endou no Nijushichi Yuurei) was created, and I had planned to make a comic series. But after realizing that it would be a lot of issues to do (plus ink refills and mailing costs), I decided to make it into a TV pitch. In February 2010, I tried to pitch the show to Nelvana, whom rejected it for having way too dark a premise. I may have to make a full-colour comic version of the first episode to prove it's not as grim as it sounds...

Until then, please feel free to look at the below episode list and character map. If this works out well, I'm going to make a separate page detailing all the ghosts and clients as they debut on the show.


  • Endo Hiramatsu

  • Yui Rinmai

  • Father Andrew Macintosh

  • Eva Dumay

  • Hitomi Shimizu

  • All images and artwork are 2009-2010 Jenna Crawford, and may not be used without permission.