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Eva Dumay

Age: 25

A young woman who was once trampled in a mall and was comatose for five hours, causing Death to force her to exorcise five ghosts. After the experience, Eva was intrigued by the afterlife and became a paranormal researcher. She works in a public library at the present date, but introduces herself to Endo after hearing of his similar situation. Eva greatly wants to help Endo with his ghost hunting, but is oblivious to the fact that he is attracted to her. She is charismatic, friendly and knowledgable about the supernatural.

Author's Notes: I intended Eva to be a mix of beauty and power, being that she was pretty yet very intelligent. Originally, Eva was Hitomi's assistant and lover, and was supposed to die in that mall trampling. (This was how Hitomi would've met her, exorcising the mall...the ghost she was after then possessed Eva and let her run off her spiritual energy for five years.) I changed it after realizing how melodramatic it all was. I'd love to have Eva voiced by Kath Soucie, since it seems like she'd fit very well as Eva's voice.

All images and artwork are 2009-2010 Jenna Crawford, and may not be used without permission.