Fan Art

Cinderelliot isn't well-known enough to bring in tomes of fan media all the time (well, the same goes for any of my works), but whenever something does get made and sent to me, I love it regardless. Thank you to everyone who gave me these!


Elliot & Fairy Godfather
George & Fairy Godfather

Adorable work from the French artist AKHTS.

Fairy Godfather and Skye

Everybody's favourite fairy attempting to hit on Sailor Kitty's original character, a straight transvestite.

Anthro Fairy Godfather

A purple, kitty version of the Fairy Godfather, done by Jackie Regnier for my eighteenth birthday.

Android Girl A.M.I.

Dr. Roland Palatino
Dr. Roland and Humanoid Bunny

Two pieces centred on Italian-American roboticist Dr. Roland and his robot pet Bunny2000, by Italian artist GattinoAlaBlu. Gattino helped me out around the time I started remaking STRK, so these are rather dear to me.

Chibi A.M.I.

I must've requested this in 2008 from Three. This is pretty much the first picture of one of my characters rendered by someone else ever, and I love this.

A.M.I. and Bunny2000

Bunny, A.M.I. and A.M.I.'s teenage clone, from American fan artist AstroboyGF. Her art is so bright and cute!

Older A.M.I.
Peter, Klide and Xavier

More by Swedish artist Sailor Kitty. This features A.M.I. drawn a little older, and...well, it's too hard to explain that second one, but just know that Xavier can be paired with both of his assistants.


Happy Birthday from Quinn

Another good one from AKHTS, done for my 17th birthday.

Are You Richard Jones

Rick Jones, based on the Rick vs. Ninth Grade chapter, by the-inane.

The Outlanders

Pigumi Mijikae

The mopheaded midget Japanese secretary from The Outlanders, with glasses. AKHTS, I love you, and only now did I catch the romaji of "Air Base" on her notebook.