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Hitomi Shimizu

Age: 29

A woman who travels Japan in search of ghosts, studying benevolent ones and ridding the country of violent ones. She does not charge for her services and is very kind, and as a result, has become an idol to the rural villagers. Hitomi's past is not known to anyone, but it is certain she had a peaceful one. The only thing she truly loves to do is travel by herself and look for ghosts. She initially hates Endo for his clumsiness and Macintosh for his fees, but befriends them and becomes a powerful ally.

Author's Notes: Hitomi went through a lot of changes. In the initial draft, it was just Endo, the old scientist Dr. Allan Bringer, and Hitomi as Endo's rival and love interest. And then, Hitomi was going to have Eva as her personal assistant and...ahem, lover who met a tragic end. Then I just decided that Hitomi would be too tied down with any sort of love interest. She is at her best when she's travelling on her own.

Hitomi's Tools: Hitomi usually summons ghosts by chanting "Rin-pyo-to-sha-kai-jin-retsu-zai-zen" (臨兵闘者皆陣裂在前) and shaking a priestess wand. If the ghost is violent, she attacks it with her metal katana, but with kind ghosts, she simply blesses them to free them from earth.

All images and artwork are 2009-2010 Jenna Crawford, and may not be used without permission.