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Issue One

Elliot Baker is a young writer struggling with his job as a motel janitor. At the same time, Charmine "Charmy" Emmett is a mob boss's daughter who wants to break into modelling. After passing out from cleaner fumes, Elliot meets his temporary Fairy Godfather, whom helps Elliot and his friends get into the mob's party, thus making Elliot and Charmy meet briefly...

Released: July 31, 2009
Cover Price: $2.00

Issue Two

The day after issue one, Elliot realizes he may be in love with Charmy, and his depressed stupor is broken by the Fairy Godfather's return. At the same time, Stepmama is convinced that Elliot was at the mob party to arrange a hit on her, and in retaliation, she kidnaps King. Elliot and the Fairy Godfather attempt to rescue both King, and soon enough, Charmy.

Released: August 25, 2009
Cover Price: $2.00

All images and artwork are 2009-2010 Jenna Crawford, and may not be used without permission.