I've been constantly working on comics ever since I was eight years old, and as a result, I've gone through dozens of different series ideas and concepts that sometimes even come back from the dead. I've always got something to work on, and something is always crashing and burning. Below are projects currently in progress, and a sample of the items that I put to rest.

Note: Items with a * before the title do not have a page yet. Clicking on them will only result in an error redirect.

Ongoing or Finished

Hyperspace Bunny: A teenage alien girl visits Earth for a scavenger hunt.

Quinn: The chronicles of a 10th grade boy and the school newspaper club.

*Cinderelliot: This page includes original development sketches and liner notes.

In Production

*Android Girl A.M.I.: A comic about a young robot girl, which has bounced in and out of development since 2006.

*Super Fighter Gigan-X: A gay mecha pilot in the future, and potentially the most fun I've had during a miniseries.

*Westbury Detectives: A miniseries coming soon. This has been in endless development since 2005. There is literally no way to describe WD in one line.

*The 27 Ghosts of Endo: A Japanese-American college student must exorcise twenty-seven ghosts to keep alive. More fun than it sounds.

*The Outlanders: A cutesy comic about an alien-fighting team evolves into the most twisted thing I've ever created.


Feather and Fur: The heartwarming four-page story about furries and mystical goddesses.

Lux Lucis: A small robot boy learns to battle copyright infringement and vague homophobia.

*Stop That: An enormous variety show of child characters I worked on from 2001-2005.