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Yui Rinmai

Age: 7

An energetic and loyal young girl who can see all sorts of ghosts and spirits. Her father Mingyao is very proud of this and hires Endo to help Yui develop her ghost hunting. Yui treats him like an older brother, and soon he does the same, sympathizing with her when he sees they both have sibling problems. Yui is always very determined to help the ghosts she meets, and is rarely afraid of them.

Family: Her parents are Mei and Mingyao Rinmai. Mei is a nurse, and Mingyao teaches martial arts downtown. Her older brother Chao, age 15, is smart and dedicated to his fighting and schoolwork, but sometimes doesn't even notice Yui. Her older sister Xiao-Lan, age 13, is hormonal but an artist. She takes her aggressions out on Yui and Chao, and is extremely jealous of Yui for working with Endo, whom she has a crush on.

Author's Notes: Yui is oddly similar to A.M.I. Phillips from Skipper the Robot Kid, one of my popular child characters. Yui is what I was when I was seven.

All images and artwork are 2009-2010 Jenna Crawford, and may not be used without permission.